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Peaceful Pastures

Boarding that comes with Peace of Mind

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Peaceful Pastures
Perfect Fields

We have well maintained fields, formulated with the best mix of seed for your horse's health.
We maintain stable herds that are well bonded and who get along peacefully.

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Peaceful Pastures
Perfect Care

Our barn manager, Angela, lives on site and provides continuous care for all of the horses. We also have full-time staff and 2 working students.
You'll always have peace of mind.

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Peaceful Pastures
Perfect Facilities

We have something for everyone! Our indoor arena allows for cavellettis, our outdoor arena has jumps and barrels. Bring your own instructor and have fun!

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Peaceful Pastures
Perfect Hacking

Easily access to fields, paths through the woods, and an EPIC trail to the lake. Enjoy some of the prettiest landscapes in Maryland from the back of your horse.
A peaceful ride guaranteed.

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about us

Welcome to Peaceful Pastures

Founded in 1992

our mission

Happy & Healthy Horses

We believe in horses being happy! We love each and every one of the equids who live at our farm and care for them as if they were our own. That means clean stalls, lush pastures, maximum time spent outside, and staff always on site.

We want your horse to be as calm and happy as they can possibly be.

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Our Barn

Quality Stalls

We have oversized stalls with windows on the outside. Two general tack rooms with space for a tack chest. Twice daily cleanings and feedings.

Our barn is always clean and safe!

Our People

Dedicated Staff

Angela Tibby is our general manager and resident instructor. She has been managing Peaceful Pastures for over 10 years and lives on site. She has a degree in Equine Management from Rutgers University and has been riding horses since she was 5 years old.
Angela manages 2 full-time staff and has 2-3 working students at any time.

Someone is always looking out for your horse!

Our Pastures

Happy Pastures

Let’s face it – your horse doesn’t care about the arena or location of the barn.  They don’t care if the tack room is clean.  They are happy when they get to be a horse!

We have stable herds who match in personalities and are well bonded. Plenty of space allows for happy horses who can roam freely in large fields.

Our fields are maintained, reseeded, and safe!

Our Facilities

Something for Everyone

With both an indoor and outdoor arena, there’s always someplace to ride. We have premium footing, jumps, barrels, and dressage letters.

We also have miles of trails!!

Boarding That Comes with Peace of Mind!

We invite you and your horse to come join our family! We strive to create an enviroment that everyone can enjoy and live in peaceful harmony.


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Get in touch!
We'd love to hear from you!


3281 Littlestown Pike
Westminster, MD 21158



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