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New Portfolio Collection

See something you like?

Contact us and we can make your website everything you want it to be!

Designed to be visually appealing and with back-end strategies to be an effective marketing tool.

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Dancing Dreams

Dressage Barn

Showcasing trainers and facilities, this design integrates large photos with pop-up details.

This site features a stylish calendar of events and a way to register for shows and clinics online. 

get a beautiful website for your dressage barn
get more people to come to your horse clinics with your website
build a hunter jumper website of your dreams
highlight the trainers at your barn

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Born With Wings


This website highlights the trainer section of the barn with a modern About page, multiple pop-up contact forms for training, coaching, and lessons.  This site also highlights the power of video to attract people’s attention.

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Full Service Website Design

We can provide you with everything necessary to have a beautiful, sleek and well organized website.

Create a brand that sells your talents.

Quality Photos
We can provide top-quality, stock photos for your site.
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Logo Design
We will create a logo that reflects your business that you can use for your website, advertisements, and barn swag.
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Blog Content
We will create original content for a blog page for your website and distribution. Increase your search rankings and engage potential clients.
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equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Palm Beach Hounds

Foxhunting Association

Featuring the vibrancy of the group with a picture-forward site, this website makes a great recruitment tool by highlighting camaraderie and adventure.

Specific pop-ups address different types of contact requests, multi-function footer and header for easy navigation. 

get a new website to increase club membership
get a vibrant foxhunting website

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Billy Echo, LLF

Warmblood Stallion

Highlighting the talents of an up-and-coming, American-bred, warmblood stallion.

This site features eye-catching stylized photos and multiple galleries. 

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Websites with Marketing Strategy

We can help you with a growth strategy built around your business to match you with your ideal client.
That may include lead magnets, funnels, automated email integration, conversion data, visitor data, and more!

Email Collection & Automation
We will help you develop something of value to keep in touch with potential clients. Automate your email so you can "set it and forget it!"
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Optimize for Ad Campaigns
$50 will get you a long way with hyper-local Facebook and Google ads. We build the back-end to give you data so you can optimize your spending.
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Passive Income
Passive income can be easier than you think! We can help integrate different platforms so after you create the product - you just watch the money roll in.
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websites that attract clients

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Alma Vida Horse Ranch

Equine Assisted Therapy

A relatively new service, this website was designed to provide a mix of technical and emotional information to people who may have never had experience with horses.  Reinforcement of what to expect with Equine Assisted Therapy was important to include in different formats and language.

A growing market that needed to reach beyond the typical horse population, this was developed with a specific marketing strategy to reach a wide ranging population and integrate a strong social media presence.

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Laura Mercer

Horse Training & Sales

Focused on sales and training, the Sales listings and Horse Detail Pages highlight a way to market your horses for sale.

Sales Pages include two updates per month at which time, you may add or move categories of as many horses as you would like.

build a beautiful website for your horse training business template
create a gorgeous sales page for your horses
create a website for your lesson barn
create a website for your riding lesson program

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Dream Big

Lesson Barn

Allow for automated scheduling which can coordinate with different trainer’s calendars, close registration when capacity is reached, send automatic reminders via text or email and allow clients to pay at time of registration.  Keep everyone organized without lifting a finger.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Explained

What exactly does SEO mean and why is it important to you?
Your SEO determines where you will rank on Google’s search pages. When people search for horses – we want them to see YOU!

We try to give you every advantage with Google’s algorithms by creating a design and messaging, and implementing best practices that will push you to the top.

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Golden Sunset Ranch

Western Barn

With a separate trainer’s calendars and a busy event & activities page, this website is designed to be the main hub from which your clients may do business.  

The easier it is for people to get information and sign up – the more business you will get!

a striking website makes people want to call you
a website can attract auditors to horse clinics

equestrian websites

for equestrians, by equestrians

Peaceful Pastures

Boarding Barn

An example of a one-page site, this highlights how you can convey the necessary information at an affordable price.
This site as shown is $850 and includes a year of hosting and four quarterly updates.

build a boarding barn website you love
show all of the amenities of your barn

equestrian websites

Frequently asked questions


We are 100% about transparency.  

If you have a question that’s not answered here, email us and we will get it listed.

western barn website building and marketing

You’ll have two rough designs within 14 days of contracting with us.  After that, revisions will begin and we will talk every 5-7 days until the website is complete.  We try to have your website up and running within 3-4 weeks of beginning the process. This  will depend on the complexity of your site and the number of revisions we do.

No!  Your current website will remain exactly the same until the new one is ready to launch. There shouldn’t be any disruption of service.

Absolutely!  We will be happy to teach you how to use your website, post blog articles, look at statistics and traffic, collect payments, or edit pictures and text.  You can do as much (or as little) as you like to take control of your website.

We require 50% of the cost to begin work and the final balance before the website launches. If you are not completely satisfied with your product and choose not to go forward, we will refund half of your deposit.  

100% Personalized

We create a website designed exclusively for you. From fonts, to colors, to pictures, to overall design: we make sure your website is a reflection of you and your work.



We can help you develop a Logo and Brand that help reflect your message.

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